Superfruits Diet Garcinia Cambogia Promises Superb Results

could-be-you-garciniaThe gauntlet of daytime ratings has successfully passed from Oprah to Dr. Oz. A protegee of Oprah, Dr. Oz has proven that he not only has what it takes to fill her shoes, but also that he loves her audience as much as she did. Dr. Oz has found his niche in daytime television; that niche is teaching his viewers and the members of his studio audience how to enjoy the benefits of healthy living without breaking the bank. Garcinia cambogia pure is just one example of this.

The Dr. Oz show has introduced his loyal followers, most of whom are women, to home remedies that feature exotic fruits that have revolutionized healthcare and the weight loss industry. For instance, garcinia cambogia extract on Amazon… The show has introduced menu entrees, and made potions, lotions, and drinks that are touted as cures for everything from simple rashes to migraines and that are guaranteed to help you lose excess weight and stomach fat.

The superfruit diet is a natural weight loss supplement that offers the benefits of all the superfruits that Dr. Oz has introduced on his show. Otherwise known as SDF-3 this new formula is taking the health food industry by storm. The first ingredient in the superfruit diet is raspberry ketone. A natural phenolic compound that creates the smell of raspberries, raspberry ketone is being praised as a potent fat burner.

Probably the best known of the ingredients in the superfruit diet is the acai berry. A reddish purple fruit that is native to Central and South America, the acai berry has anti-oxidant properties that help curb hunger, burn fat, and jump start metabolism.

The African mango, a relatively rare fruit from the Cameroon area of Africa, benefits both men and women. The African mango is useful in lowering cholesterol and in controlling hunger. Dr. Oz’s superfruit diet’s newest fruit is the green coffee extract which helps the body absorb fat.

The weight loss industry is growing so fast that it is almost impossible to keep up with all of the new supplements. That’s one of the good things about Dr. Oz.
His endorsement of a product can be trusted.

He doesn’t blindly recommend anything. He does his own research so that his product reviews are honest and factual.

Single superfruit diets are not new. What sets this one apart is the effective combining of some of the best superfruits on the market today into one formula that does it all. It works.